Our consultations

SESPM is frequently invited to contribute to consultations. Our approach is to engage our wide partnership through a range of activities including bespoke meetings. We collate aggregate and submit responses covering the broad range of views and experiences of relevant practitioners and policy makers in the South East region.

2021 Consultations

SESPM collation of South East response to the consultation on the New Plan for Immigration 2021

The comments from SESPM partners are confined to the parts of the plan that relate to the topics where the SESPM partners have the most authority to contribute and where SESPM has obtained the views of our public authority partners. These are largely parts of the plan that will have a significant impact on the delivery of services at a local level.

2020 Consultations

SESPM’s collation of South East responses to the 3rd EU Settled Status Scheme Inspection by the Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration (ICIBI).

SESPM facilitated a webinar attended by participants from local authorities, NGOs, the DWP as well as EUSS grant funded and non-grant funded OISC accredited Level 1 advisors across the South East. In particular, this report focuses on how the scheme is working for vulnerable groups, such as children under local authority care, victims of domestic violence or of modern slavery, and those who are digitally or socially excluded and hardest to reach.

SESPM response to National Audit Office (NAO) Value for Money Study: Asylum Accommodation and Support

For the purposes of this NAO review response, efforts were made to gather feedback from local authorities and local asylum support NGOS and voluntary organisations, both in long established and newly created dispersal areas. This response is also informed by the workshop hosted at the NAO on 31st January 2020 and a pan regional telephone conference on 24th February 2020.

2018 Consultations

Integrated Communities

SESPM worked with SEEC to submit a joint response to consultation on the Government’s Integrated Communities Strategy Green paper in June 2018.  The response built on a consultation workshop for 50+ local authority and voluntary sector partners in May 2018.

The Future of Resettlement Post 2020

In response to a request from the Ministry for Housing and Local Government (MHCLG), SESPM consulted with local authorities in the South East on the future of Resettlement programmes post 2020. Three focus groups were held simultaneously, with authorities representing 81% of all authorities participating on the VPRS, and 50% of the authorities not participating at present. A composite report of the focus groups and written responses was submitted to MHCLG in March 2018.

2017 Consultations

Asylum Accommodation Contracts  from 2019

SESPM has coordinated and submitted separate  responses from local authorities and NGOs to the Home Office ‘Asylum Support Accommodation Transition’ AAST to inform the development of the Home Office exercise to procure the future model for asylum accommodation and support, replacing the existing COMPASS arrangements when they expire in Sept 2019.  We provide an ongoing communication and discussion function through our regional and sub-regional meetings.