Vaccine Uptake Amongst Migrant Communities Event

On the 9th July 2021, SESPM held an event on vaccine hesitancy within migrant communities. The event was in partnership with the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), NHS England and NHS Improvement South East, Compas and Doctors of the World. A resource pack from the day can be accessed here.

Migrant Health Event

On 30th April 2019, SESPM organised a conference focusing on migrant health in partnership with Public Health England, Brighton and Hove City Council, and an allied group of migrant health practitioners. The overall aim of the conference was to raise awareness of, and inspire responses to, the health and wellbeing needs of migrants living in the South East. In particular, the following topics were covered: an overview of migrant health; working with Roma women on breastfeedingthe role of a health visitorimmunisationsafer surgeries for undocumented migrantsengaging migrant communities effectively, and embedding learning into local systems. A report of the event can be found here.

The conference was attended by over 90 people from a range of organisations and sectors, including local authorities, NHS commissioners, primary and secondary care service providers, migrant communities, the voluntary sector, government programme leads, policy leads and researchers. Feedback from attendees was very positive with 91% of respondents saying they felt that overall the day achieved its stated aims, 69% feeling the topics were relevant to them and their work and 72% stating that the work would be helpful for their future work with migrants.

A report of the conference can be found here.

Migrant Health Information Pack

SESPM has partnered with Pubic Health England South East (PHESE) to create a Migrant Health Information Pack for the South East. The pack contains both quantitative and qualitative health data demonstrating changes in the immigrant profile in the South East and its associated health needs. The pack is intended to be used to assist the steer of public health care and services, and as reference material for local actors, leaders, decision makers and policy makers.